You don't know JavaScript!

I'm working on a trivia game in HTML5 / JavaScript that is similar to You Don't Know Jack. Here is a mockup:

Admin / Hosting

Players will go to one URL and the host would use another. For private games the host/admin can input playernames in advance and then send unique links to each player. For unlisted games an admin can just send one link for anyone to play from. Eventually I'll make a system for publicly listed games.

Admins can import and export a game's questions/answers to a text file. It will be possible for them to host more than one one session of a game at the same time. Sessions can be made manually and started when a certian percentage of expected players have joined or started manually. The admin URL can also be used as a scoreboard so if a professor is having a class play it they scores can be projected up on the screen.


I plan to not implement a game-size or if I do I hope that it will be quite large. The leaderboard will only show the top 8 - 10 players and players are only assigned a colour when they are in the top x number of players.

PC Controls

I'd like to allow mouse, keyboard and joystick inputs from PCs and I'd like to allow up to 6 players per PC if possible. (4x joystick + mouse + keyboard).

Mobile Controls

I am brainstorming a UX for phones that would have the main question/answer screen in the middle and you would swipe in the leaderboard from the right or your specal buttons from the left. I'll do a mockup for that shortly.

Questions & Answers

To start questions and answers will just be text. Later I would like to add the ability to embed images, iframes (like youtube vids) and dynamic content (Like math questions with random numbers)

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